EL MON Company

Who We are ?

The company was established in 2002 and has been able to reserve its seat on the local and regional market to become one of the leading companies in the industry of cardboard and flexible packaging materials.

Our Vision

We have successfully pursued our vision of becoming a leader in the industry of flexible cardboard packaging materials at the local and regional levels, based on the best technology and expertise, and committed to the implementation of international quality standards.

Our Mission

To comply with all internationally and locally adopted quality standards in order to gain customer confidence and provide them with the best services to meet their aspirations and enhance their confidence in all our packaging services.

Chairman's speech

I am pleased to welcome you to Al-Mon Company website. By viewing our site, you will be able to learn about our history , highlights and latest products and services. This site also allows you to take a closer look at the values that our foundation has been working since 2002.

Al Mon has worked hard to build a reputation for excellence. We seek to gain this reputation through the way we conduct business governed by values, ethics, standards and commitment. These are the values that always govern all our business. We have been the first to apply this technology, and we have been more determined to use new packaging methods such as Rotogravure and Corrugated to achieve our goal of covering all customer requirements, whether in The company has become the best company in the field of printing cardboard and flexible packaging materials in Egypt and the Middle East due to its wide variety of products and production lines that use the latest technologies and modern equipment.

It includes three factories – offset printing – Rotogravure printing – corrugated cardboard. This space and variety of printing methods provide many opportunities for those who want to join our company team. It also provides us with the ability to bring and provide new, more sophisticated machines that help us deliver the best for our customers and keep us at the top of our most challenging.

I have the honor to confirm to you that Al-Mon Company has started a new stage in its success, a stage which is characterized by expanding the company’s production base, in a manufacturing and marketing partnership with the most prominent companies in the Middle East and other parts of the world. It will also expand the marketing base by reaching untraditional markets in Asia and Africa.

Our Services

Flexible Printing Plant

(Rotogravure) We have the latest printing machines and the ability to print up to 9 colors.

Products :
Printed Rolls (polypropylene matt – polyethylene Milky – polyester  – polyethylene –CCP – Twist – ZOPP – BOPP)

Our products are used in packaging:
Biscuits – Chocolate – Patisserie – Ice Cream – Paint sweets – Macaroni –frozen products – coffee – Juice – concentrates – Snacks–Chips

We have the latest Heidelberg print machines with outstanding printing technology in up to 6 colors.  We have many modern machines that give our customers the opportunity to print new shapes and designs that fit their needs.

Products :
Imported and local gray duplex printed boxes – Metallic duplex – Cushitic– Bristol Cushitic – White Print Paper – Triplex – Label Paper – treated Equipment Paper.

Our products are used in packaging:
Cheese boxes – Medicine boxes – Food boxes – drink boxes – tissue boxes – Shaver’s containers – Dessert boxes.

Offset Printing Plant

Corrugated Cardboard Printing Plant

Corrugated Cardboards are made and printed in all required applications: Two layers – three layers C/B/E – five layers CB/CE/BE

Products :
Craft Liner imported – Local/ Test Liner imported – Local/ White top imported – Local/ Fluot imported – Local/ White top Test imported – Local

Our products are used in packaging:
Fruit & vegetables – Home appliances – Pizza – Snacks& Chips – dates are fresh Etc.

Our Clients

Our Certificates

Why us ?

1- confidence

We know that trust must be acquired, and it requires experience, knowledge and history.  Our goal is to achieve these three requirements, and we have been pursuing this goal since we started our career.   We are proud of our history of delivering the best quality in the Egyptian market, and we have achieved this in a short time.  This pride comes from the recognition of local and international organizations for us, and their granting of multiple quality certificates to our company.  We also take pride in our customers’ trust.

Thank you for your trust in us and we promise to work hard to keep them safe for years to come.

2- Leadership

Leadership through innovation makes us better than much in our industry. From the beginning, we have been keen to present the latest and best in printing, packaging and packaging. We have achieved this goal, and we have been keen to provide the latest technology to the Egyptian market, sometimes for the entire region. To ensure our leadership and progress, we will always strive to provide our customers with the latest and best in printing, packaging and packaging.

3- Quality

What distinguishes us from our competitors is our attention to detail and our concern to deliver the best quality to our customers. To achieve this, we ensure that there is more than one quality monitor at all stages of production at all times. Our company always seeks success, and we consider quality to be the measure of success or failure, so we always work to deliver the best quality to our customers.

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  • New Borg ElArab City, 4 Industrial Zone - Pieces from 1 : 6 & 15 : 20, Block 18, Alexandria, Egypt.

EL MON Company